Manufacturing  & Engineering Capabilities

Experienced ISO9001 and AS9100C ‘Best Value’ supplier to GE, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, DRS, Kimball Electronics, and Harris. In our 49K ft2 facility, CME develops, manufactures, or repairs Special Test Equipment, Cable Assemblies/Wire Harnesses, Electronic Assemblies, Power Distribution Units, Power Supplies, Control/Display Panels, and Box or Module Builds for our military and industrial customers. Our facility also includes an A2LA accredited ISO 17025 Calibration Lab. CME is growing business in the Aerospace/Defense, Automotive/Transportation, Energy, Medical Electronics, and other mission critical industries and we look forward to working with you. Located in Tampa Bay, we have easy access to a great transportation hub/network.

We are proud to state our “TEAM” has been developed by a family of engineers who continue to pass along the science of engineering to future generations.


The reputation of our quality is based on decades of precision machining experience. Our modern facility combined with state of the art technology and equipment propel our skills to a wide variety of materials such as Aluminum alloys, Copper alloys, including; Beryllium Copper, Stainless Steel, High Heat-Treat/Tensile materials up to 300kpsi, 300M, Titanium, Lightweight Composites, Phenolics and Plastics.

Our organization complies with the requirements as set forth by the Arms Export Control Act (A.E.C.A.) and International Traffic in Arms Regulations (I.T.A.R.) and is registered through the D.D.T.C.

Development & Manufacturing Capabilities

Custom-Engineered Products, Build to Specification and Build to Print

Repair, Calibration and Test Engineering Services

  • CME has performed quality, economical repairs on various types of electrical, electronic, or electro-mechanical equipment for nearly 20 years
  • CME experience supports OEM outsourced repair and A2LA Accredited ISO 17025 calibration services and includes approved North American servicer status for a globally diverse, global, high technology corporation
  • We specialize in these types of OEM asset/product repairs:

Electrical/Electronic & Electro-Mechanical Repair

  • Instrument Repairs
  • PC Board repair to component level
  • Equipment adjustments/configuration/programming
  • System testing and simulation
  • Debugging Equipment upgrades/modifications
  • Repair/Exchange

Pressure Instruments/Pneumatics Calibration/Repair

  • Calibrators/Indicators
  • Pressure gauges and transducers

Expertise Summary

• Experienced in aerospace, defense, automotive, transportation, energy
• Especially focused on electrical/electronic assembly work (i.e., special cables and wire harnesses, box builds, chassis assembly, control panel assembly, power distribution, and special test equipment)
• Product Design, Build to Specification, and Build to Print projects
• Assembly, Integration, Test Planning, and Test
• R&D and Prototyping (electrical system design and special test equipment design)
• Specialized Maintenance, Repair, and Calibration Services
• Engineering Services –Hardware, Software, Firmware

• We are customer focused
– Highly capable, small business that is agile and responsive
– Over 19 years of proven experience, stability, and maturity
– Experienced supply chain performer
• Available capacity for production, integration, or test needs
• Seek new business opportunities and teaming opportunities
• Seek supplier opportunities
• Our technical resources cover most engineering skill sets
• Skilled executive and program management team
• Knowledgeable in critical product, services, and support aspects
• AS9100:2009 Rev. C and ISO9001 Registered
• A2LA Accredited ISO 17025 Calibration Lab
• WOSB and WBENC-Certified WBE