Our Services Include:

  • Commercial, Military and MRO’s Services
  • Supply Chain Rescue!
  • AOG/24/7
  • Kitting-Having it all in one Package


What Is Kitting?

In business, Kitting is referred to as a container that holds a set of related parts or materials to be assembled. It is the process whereas separate but related items are grouped together, packaged and supplied as one unit. For example take a Bill of Material (BOM) a customer may order Clamps, screws, bearings and connectors at the same time. The supplier will combine these orders and assemble them into a customized kit to ship as one unit. The term kitting in order fulfillment is jargon for pre-assembly of individual items into one ready to ship kit instead of picking and packing them separately.

In support of our customers’ Lean and Best Practice Initiatives, Aero Supply USA  offers kitting services to help streamline the flow of components to their assembly lines.

Searching around your facility for parts and materials adds frustration, loss of valuable production time and unnecessary cost.

Outsource your Bill of Materials through Aero Supply USA. Only one source for all your Parts.

  • One POC for all your requirements
  • One delivery for all Parts (B.O.M.)
  • One payment for your project
  • One accountability
  • No more waiting for 2 or 3 parts out of 40 or 50.

When you schedule kitting through Aero Supply USA, provide us with your pick list and delivery dates.

Ship your items directly from your facility or supplier. We’ll temporarily warehouse your product and supply completed kits. At your request, you’ll receive assembled kits at your desired location, or we’ll stock your facility daily through our Supply Chain Rescue Program.

We establish strict guidelines in the kitting process to avoid any non-conformances. Your specific materials delivered to you in organized packages promoting faster production.

Type of Kits assembled:

  • Production Kits
  • Modification Kits
  • Repair Kits
  • Flyaway Kits
  • Tooling Kits

With Aero Supply USA, it’s your choice. We’ll deliver your stock anywhere in the world to your facility. Or, we can deliver stock directly to your assembly line or Supply Chain.

Dealing with emergencies, unexpected delays or AOG? Day or night, we’re there for you. Under our “Supply Chain Rescue” service, Aero supply USA delivers your assembled kits directly to your Business 24 hours, 7 days a week.


Inventory Management Solution

Inventory Management is the process of overseeing a product from order to delivery. This includes knowing how many of each product is on hand, where the product is at throughout the order, knowing the packaging and shipment process and how much is in the current pipeline to forecast for consumer demand. It is managing the constant flow of units into and out of an existing inventory.