Below is a summary of the processes we currently have in place for the prevention of counterfeits.

Contract Review – When in receipt of a Customer purchase order all requirements are reviewed, entered, and approved before the creation of a Aero Supply USA purchase order. Controls are in place within the software, (Pentagon 2000), to prevent generation of a PO before an order is approved.

Supplier Approval – Due to security controls within our software a PO cannot be generated for a supplier that is not approved. All Suppliers are approved in accordance with Customer and Aero Supply USA requirements. A register of all unapproved and approved Suppliers is maintained, including the scope of their supply and the criteria for approval. Due consideration is given to the sourcing of materials by a thorough review of various industry sources such as ERAI. Supplier performance is reviewed annually.

Procurement – All applicable Customer requirements are automatically flowed down through the software and to the Supplier via a Aero Supply USA purchase order and/or our Terms and Conditions of Purchase. All Suppliers must acknowledge and confirm the understanding of such requirements upon accepting the purchase order.

Verification of Purchased Product – All materials received are inspected to verify conformance to the Customer and Manufacturer specifications and according to the ERAI guidelines. Parts are tested if necessary and/or required by customer.

Material Control – All materials deemed to be suspect, fraudulent or confirmed counterfeit shall be processed in accordance with Aero Supply USA ‘s QMS.

Reporting – Occurrences of suspect, fraudulent or confirmed counterfeit components shall be reported to internal personnel and as appropriate, to
Customers, Government reporting organizations, industry sources and or those Organizations having authority or jurisdiction to address such issues, such as ERAI, of which we are a member.

Training – All relevant personnel are trained as appropriate in the avoidance, detection, mitigation and disposition of suspect, fraudulent or confirmed counterfeit parts.