Electronics Division

  • Electrical Assembly personnel trained and certified to various customer specifications and processes.
  • Touch labor assembly personnel with a combined experience of 50 years working to Military / Commercial Quality requirements
  • Assembly personnel are directly supported on the floor by a resident Manufacturing Engineer with 20 plus years in the Electrical Assembly field.
  • All Electrical Assemblies from simple cables to complex harnesses, panels, cabinets and Cockpits are tested utilizing a CIRRUS Programmable Tester.
  • Cable Assemblies: Simple to complex shielding and multiple conductor requirements..
  • Harness fabrication: simple to complex multi branch braid requirements.  We also have the ability to methodize, document results, and create our own in house jigs and boards.
  • Panel Assemblies: approved to build several flight critical panels along with supplying the Boeing Company with a full suite of F15 Cockpit Trainer panels and the Longbow devices Panels.
  • Has assembled, wired and tested the F15 Cockpit Assemblies for the Training Groups.
  • Test Boxes: has built several Test Boxes for various Platforms inclusive but not limited to F15, V22, CH 47, etc.
  • Recently approved by Bell Helicopter for: Bell Process Spec 4494, Bell Process Spec 4495, Circuit Card Assembly

Electrical Assembly Capabilities


Current Production Programs