ADTS 415F Flight Control System Test Set (FCTS)

Now in ful lproduction, ADTS 415F Air Data Test Set is a new, military qualified, test set for use with most military aircraft (fixed wing, helicopters, and UAVs). ADTS 415F tests operability and accuracy of pitot/static systems on a wide range of aircraft. It also checks for leaks. The test set accomplishes these tasks by simulating altitude, airspeed through pressure. Modern replacement for TTU-205, ADTS 405, TS-4463, TS-4508, and other legacy test set assets.

Tactical Power Supply (TPS)

AC/DC 28VDC 800W Power OutputPower Conversion for Dismounted C4ISR Systems Applications: RT1523 SINCGARS, Patriot BMC, LRAS3, Blue Force Tracker and more. Produced over 18,200 for US Military since 2006; >$52M in Orders

solar4POWER™ 120-240

Recommended Configuration: Solar Generator System & 2 eaFoldable Panels

Two Panels in Tandem for 120W of Continuous Power

Model No./Description: solar4POWER 120-240 Portable Solar Generator w/ 2 panels
Max. Output: 18 VDC, 12V 20A Controller
AC Output: 120W 120VAC 60Hz
Dimensions (Each Panel): Durable Nylon Case, 28.35 in x 20.08 in x 3.15 in (720 x 510 x 80mm)
Dimensions (Generator): Rugged Case, 21.89 in x 13.96 in x 9.00 in (556 x 355 x 229 mm)
Application: Harvesting/storing DC Energy for off-grid power, charging Laptops, Lights, Cell Phones, etc.
Standards:CE, FCC
Includes Cable to Connect Solar Panels to Generator Battery
Package Quantity Standard: 2 each 120W portable panels, Solar Generator
Note:To ensure a fully charged battery while providing a 120W of continuous AC power, two panel assemblies are needed.


Portable Renewable Energy for Your AC or DC Electrical Loadssolar4POWER

•Portable, integrated solar panel system for clean, off grid, remote/isolated area emergency power
•Applications: Public Safety/Law Enforcement, Humanitarian Assistance, Emergency/Disaster Response, Fieldwork (Research, Photojournalism, Maintenance), RVs or Camping, Military)
•Expandable and provides silent power support
•Panels provide up to 480W at 42 VDC to power compatible equipment for conditioning/stabilizing the solar power
•Easily transportable and ideal for quick setup at 0, 30, 45 degrees to support energy harvesting
•Helps to reduce fuel consumption

Rugged Panels/Solar Generator

•480W power output typical
•Output Voltage: 44 VDC maximum power, 52.3 VDC open circuit voltage
•Output Current: 5.17A per panel, 10.3A per case, 11.3A short circuit current per case with solar radiation of 1000W/m2, 77°F (25°C) panel temperature
•Two Cases (4 panels) provide 480W of continuous power

•Power LED lights, personal electronics, and other convenience loads
•Military Operations, Training
•Law Enforcement/Public Safety
•Emergency Response Teams
•Disaster Response, Humanitarian Assistance
•Field Maintenance Teams
•Field Research and Photo Journalism
•RV and CampingRugged